9 Pros and Cons of Granite Countertops

Granite is a popular choice for countertops. There are alternatives and some people even consider the options more desirable but granite does tend to take a lead among the preferences of millions of homebuyers and homeowners. Like other materials, granite has its strengths and weaknesses. Here are the granite countertops pros and cons.

List of Pros of Granite Countertops

1. The Aesthetics
Granite has a stunning visual appeal. It comes in many shades and they are all aesthetically pleasing. A granite countertop makes the kitchen look nice, it makes the counter look inviting and even the house in its entirety gets a rather sleek and cool enhancement with fixtures like granite countertops.

2. Strong and Durable
Granite is strong and hence durable. Although it is not unbreakable, it will certainly last for decades. Unless anyone is very careless and rather imposing on the counter with various heavy objects, very rough use and no maintenance at all, there is a surefire chance that granite countertops would outlive humans.

3. Value Addition
Granite countertops help the resale value of a home. Not that you should consider selling to realize its benefits but it always helps when some fixtures lead to appreciation of the value of a property.

4. Easy to Clean and Maintain
Granite countertops don’t require much maintenance, especially pertaining to cleaning. You can simply swipe a piece of damp cloth over the surface and get rid of all the stains. Granite is not porous so it doesn’t cling onto the stains.

5. Endures High Heat
Granite countertops will easily endure the heat of almost anything that you can subject it to. It will not only remain cool in hot summers but also resist conducting the heat from a hot surface to you or other parts of the countertop.

6. Hygiene and Health
Granite countertops do not let microorganisms to grow and fester. They are more hygienic than most other materials. The occasional resealing is affordable and you don’t need to worry about chipping or denting, cracking or damaging the countertop if you indulge in usual cooking.

List of Cons of Granite Countertops

1. The Cost
Granite is expensive. It is costlier than many other materials. The installation cost is also worrisome.

2. Complicated Installation
The installation process is tricky. It is easy to damage granite at the time of installation and you will have no option but to have the whole stone replaced or a particular slab changed.

3. Not Ideal for All
Granite countertops cannot be undone easily. Once you choose to have it, you have to stay put with it. To uninstall, you may have to redo the whole counter. Also, not all counters will be suited for granite.

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