7 Pros and Cons of Going to College

To attend college or not to attend…that is the question. Although it seems that everyone is in your ear screaming for you to enroll in college, is this decision really the best for your life? Sure, there are many perks of attending college as most of us are aware, but disadvantages also exist that you should know before deciding to take the college plunge.

List of Pros of Going to College

1. Choose Your Field
When you decide to enroll in college, you’ll be able to earn a degree in the field of your choosing, whether you enjoy the arts, health and medical field, or even photography. There are classes for every interest!

2. Earn More Money
College graduates earn more money in their careers than people without a college degree. On average, people with a college degree earn 59% more than their colleagues.

3. Experiences
How many stories of college have you heard? How many smiles were on the faces of those recollecting on these special memories? Gaining an education is the primary purpose of college, along with the skills to make it in the real world. But, in reality, everyone knows that college is one of those life experiences that everyone deserves to enjoy.

4. More Respect
As a college graduate, gaining more respect from the community, friends, co-workers, and even members of the family is always enjoyable. Not only are you making others proud, you’re also doing the same for yourself!

List of Cons of Going to College

1. More Time in School
At least two additional years’ of school is necessary when attending college. Do you want to spend more time in school after graduating high school?

2. Where’s the Jobs?
Many college graduates report they are unable to find employment in the job field of their choosing, even after obtaining a degree. What a shame it would be to spend years in college and be unable to find employment afterwards.

3. Financial Aid
Repaying financial aid is a nightmare that so many college students are facing as we speak. After you’ve enrolled and received financial aid, you, too, will spend the next few years of your life repaying the debt that you owe.

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