6 Pros and Cons of Birth Control Pills

When birth control pills were introduced to the market, it was regarded as a huge medical breakthrough, and women were given control over their reproduction for the first time in history. However, some women’s health advocates during this time called these medications the biggest uncontrolled experiment in the history of medicine. Since then, the number of synthetic contraceptives has greatly increased, with multiple medical implications, such as regulating menstrual cycle, controlling endometriosis and reducing acne. While the use of these pills was generally considered as risk-free for most women for decades, such reputation is challenged these days, as more and more scientists and doctors have started questioning it. To get a good opinion about this matter, let us take a look at its pros and cons.

List of Pros of Birth Control Pills

1. They do not interrupt intercourse.
Unlike other methods of birth control, these pills do not force you to stop during a sexual activity and then rush off to get something, such as a condom. By simply taking these prescribed pills, they would begin to work in a matter of a short time.

2. They help regulate menstrual cycle.
People who believe in the necessity and validity of birth control pills also often believe that their effects go beyond just preventing pregnancy. They say that they also help women with keeping their menstruation cycles lighter and keeping their periods more regular.

3. They continue to produce high success rates.
When you use these pills correctly, you will be impressed by the positive results they produce. According to records, these pills are currently enjoying a high success rate of about 91%. While we can say that they are not flawless, they are showing a significant statistics.

List of Cons of Birth Control Pills

1. They have to be taken every single day.
While it is not particularly a bad thing to take birth control pills each day, it can become a drawback especially when you are someone who is not good at remembering when to take her medications. This means that you might have to put a reminder, or missing a dosage can result to some consequences that you might not want at the moment.

2. They cannot protect you against STDs.
The pills can work to prevent several things, but they will not keep you from catching an STD or a sexually transmitted disease. In the same way, they will not prevent you from passing it on to somebody else.

3. They are not recommended for those who have certain medical conditions.
Unfortunately, these pills are not for everyone even up to this modern day and age. This is a reason why it is important to consult a healthcare professional before taking them, especially when you have a certain medical condition.

As women would react differently to birth control pills, it is best to know first their pros and cons to go on and use them. Based on those listed above, do you think it is good to use them, or not?

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