10 Pros and Cons of Biotin

As we all know, the human body is a very complex system, where it will be very difficult to replace its parts when something goes bad, and this is especially true among older people. As people age, their bodies will also start breaking down slowly, and one of the things that would occur is hair loss. While some people just accept this fact and go with time gracefully, other people would try anything to slow the aging process and deal with the things that come with it. Of course, hair loss does not only occur entirely for older people, as it can also happen to the younger generation due to some medical conditions and other reasons, such as medical procedures, that will cause them to lose their hair a lot sooner than it normally does. No matter the age, people who want to hold on to their locks are recommended to take biotin. However, is this supplement entirely good for the body, or not? Let us take a closer look at its pros and cons.

List of Pros of Biotin

1. It helps promote healthy hair.
One huge benefit from taking this supplement is hair growth and health. While hair grows about an inch a month on average, it is believed that biotin can make it even fuller and healthier, though results are said to differ from one person to another. But overall, those who use it had experienced better hair growth. It is important to note that the human body naturally produces excess biotin daily on average.

2. It is highly accessible and easy to use.
Generally, biotin is less expensive compared with other similar products on the market and can be found easily, which means that you can have a sufficient amount of this supplement for months at a low cost. Aside from this, taking it does not require much effort on your part, where you just have to take it regularly to reap the amazing health benefits.

3. It helps produce helpful chemicals in the body.
On its own, biotin can promote the production of fats and amino acids, aiding in cell growth. This also means that this supplement can help in digestion and will help us grow and heal. It is also said to help maintain blood sugar levels, which is very important for those struggling with diabetes.

4. It helps the body function properly and helps eliminate diseases.
There are many great things biotin can do to the body, such as providing cells with essential energy, energizing the entire body in turn, and strengthening the bones, which is essential for menopausal women or those having bone problems. As it is used for hair loss problems, it means that it can also be used in reducing brittle nails. It is even said to help treat serious conditions, such as mild depression, eczema and skin rashes.

5. It is recommended by professionals.
Like other types of supplements, it would be recommended by professionals to regularly take biotin, which means that you will be in good hands. Basically, this supplement was prescribed to those suffering from biotin deficiency, though there is no definitive test to indicate that you are suffering from the condition. However, this supplement has been already used for those suffering from hair loss and other conditions. But as previously mentioned, make sure to check with your physician before starting any supplemental regimen.

List of Cons of Biotin

1. It might lead to allergies.
In some cases, a person might develop some kind of allergic reaction to biotin, particularly one who is susceptible to allergies from B12. Usually, one knows if he is allergic to this supplement by experiencing itchy rashes, tightness in the chest, nausea and swelling of the throat and face. Depending on the severity of these symptoms, the benefits would be outweighed by the potential risks. That is why it is highly recommended to consult a licensed medial professional first before taking this supplement, or you might suffer from unwanted side-effects.

2. It encourages you to play with the doses.
Sometimes, one might play around with the doses in taking biotin just to get a satisfying result, and this would mean taking more than the recommended amount, even extremely high doses. To avoid unwanted side-effects, it is always recommended to begin with small doses and then increase it gradually over time to get the desired results. Keep in mind that, while biotin can grow hair, there will be times that it can also result in excessive facial hair.

3. It has potential side-effects.
Like many other supplements, biotin definitely has some side-effects, with the most common being having an increased occurrence of acne that typically appears on the chin and around the jaw line. However, this is not atypical for all users, as different doses increase or decrease acne. As of yet, there is still no known reason for this side-effect, as studies are still going on to really identify the effects of taking biotin supplements, which is also true for other supplements. As you can see, there is currently little to no regulations regarding these products, and biotin is of no difference. Its claims to help make hair fuller and healthier are still tentative at best.

4. It might reduce the effectiveness of other medications.
For people who are maintaining other medications, such as those for lowering blood cholesterol and preventing seizure, might not be able to see the best results from these medicines. As you can see, biotin supplements are said to reduce the effectiveness of other drugs. While biotin is said to help with maintaining blood sugar levels and metabolism, it normally interacts negatively with these medications.

5. It is not effective for everyone.
Of course, biotin is not a miracle product, which means that it can deliver amazing benefits to some people, but to everyone.

All in all, biotin can potentially help hair grow fuller and healthier for many people, but there is also the risk that it can cause mild to severe health problems. And again, it is very important to consult a professional first before starting a biotin supplement regimen.

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