14 Monumental Pros and Cons of Geothermal Energy

Instead of using natural gas or oil to cope up with the high energy bills, some regions in the world choose to use geothermal energy, which works by drawing off the planet’s constant core temperature to heat and cool off homes and other buildings. While using such kind of energy source is always at the best, nothing glitters as gold, as this energy source uses the natural temperature of the Earth’s core, which exists at roughly 7,200 degrees Fahrenheit, created by the decay of radioactive materials that have been existing millions of years ago, to produce enormous amounts of energy. Technically speaking, it is a renewable source of energy, but it is not a type of energy source that makes it easy for us to get what we need without using a lot of fossil fuels in the process. Here are the pros and cons of geothermal energy:

List of Pros Geothermal Energy

1. It is friendly to the environment.
This type of energy resource is eco-friendly in all aspects when it comes to production and use. In fact, it is regarded for having the least impact of any energy resource we are having today. It is practically completely emission free, with absolutely zero carbon used regarding its production, with the whole process cleaning out sulfur, which may have been generated from it.

2. It is renewable.
As geothermal energy is gathered extracted from the Earth’s core, it will be available as long as the planet exists, and is therefore renewable. While fossil fuels expire on a certain period of time, geothermal energy is not going to expire anytime soon.

3. It is abundant in supply.
With this type of energy source, there would be no shortages that sometimes occur with other kinds of power resources, as it is not subject to issues even with newer energy resources, such as solar, hydro and wind which are dependent on the weather. Basically, it is boundless in supply, as well as dependable, so you do not have to worry about it being more of a hassle than it is actually worth.

4. It requires no fuel.
Basically, there is no fuel required during the production and use of geothermal energy, as there is absolutely no mining or transportation related to the process.

5. It has the smallest land footprint.
Geothermal energy extracts heat from hot water, which is moved via turbines and underground pipes to produce electricity, and thanks to new innovations, it has the smallest land footprint of any major energy sources in the world. Because of this, its costs are very competitive, but you might still have to keep an eye on it, as it can get cost-aggressive in areas where it is being produced.

6. It offers substantial savings for homeowners.
While there has been a great rise in the number of homeowners wanting to use geothermal energy for cooling and heating purposes, there has been lesser energy being used for heating commercial establishments and homes, resulting in significant savings for these people. Typically, geothermal heat pumps can help people with saving enough money on energy costs.

7. It is a great innovation in technology.
With regards to green technologies, geothermal energy is one of the first types that are being studied and explored, with new innovations emerging from it all of the time. This means that this energy source will be easier to address when it comes to difficulties with technology in the future. In fact, new technologies are basically coming out to basically guarantee it ability to use lower temperatures in the coming years.

List of Cons of Geothermal Energy

1. It requires high initial costs.
For residential owners thinking of using this type of energy, they should know that high upfront costs are something that has turned a huge setback to those who have used it. For an average-sized household, installation could cost tens of thousands of dollars to pump it off that they can pay off in several years, down the line through significant cost savings.

2. It is only suitable for particular regions.
Everything dealing with geothermal energy has seemed to be really far away from, everything that is inside and around the area, which specifically means that prime destinations are exceptionally zone specific, in which you cannot really find geothermal energy outside the region. Also, these destinations are often a long way from urban areas, which entails that they are virtually useless with regards to cities and such.

3. It comes with surface instability.
Places where geothermal energy is being produced are infamous for having earthquakes, as setting up their plants and facilities can alter the structure of the land. It involves a process called hydraulic fracturing that can trigger earthquakes.

4. It requires cost for powering the pump.
Heat pumps still need a power source to run them and transfer the Earth’s energy to the homes. For householders to go green, they can also need to use a few solar panels to power up their heat pumps and draw energy from the Earth’s reservoir.

5. It requires high temperatures.
The process involved in producing geothermal energy is not exactly one that is easy to execute, as it requires boring into warmed rocks, which is very troublesome. In order for the process to start, it requires the area to be at least 350 degrees Fahrenheit, or else it will not work.

6. It comes with environmental concerns.
One of the biggest environmental concerns with geothermal energy is water, as it would use a huge amount of such element for the process to happen. Aside from water, there are also a number of different compounds that it needs to process, creating environmental hazards, such as sulfur dioxide and silica. Moreover, you have to deal with some technical difficulties as a result of the way geothermal energy is produced and utilized

7. It might run out of steam.
When it comes to geothermal energy, we have to watch the heat and not to abuse it, as inappropriate heat can cause a meltdown and other issues, especially when the energy is not properly used or distributed.

Based on the pros and cons listed above, do you think geothermal energy is good for your community or not?

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