12 Profound Pros and Cons of Global Warming

A lot of people have already been aware of the impact of climate change or popularly recognized as global warming. However, debates have resulted since advocates strongly believe that emissions from man-made greenhouse gases have caused this. This is certainly the case for them, but many are furiously in opposition to this belief.

Nevertheless, the effect of global warming could be catastrophic if the proponents are right. So, in order to shed some light into this very significant argument, here are some points that need to be taken in to consideration. The pros and cons of global warming enumerated here should be helpful in understanding what really is behind both sides of this debate.

List of Pros of Global Warming

Opponents of the global warming phenomenon who do not rely in this issue have some specific reasons to point out, including:

1. Increase in Temperature is Normal.
The sun emits different heat intensities which are considered a normal occurrence. This means that global warming will not cause any dangerous effects to the planet. If there should be any reason that causes the increase in temperature, it is certainly not due to the overwhelming rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

2. Man-made Emissions Have No Impact.
Based from studies, man-made activities that release carbon dioxide (CO2) are just comparable to one drop of water to a tank that can hold one-hundred thousand gallons. For this reason, it is simply not sufficient to affect the current condition of the climate.

3. Rising Temperature Causes CO2 Increases.
The increase of CO2 in the atmosphere comes from the rise of temperature and not the other way around. In fact, there are lots of factors that may cause CO2 increases, including oceans, plants, and many others, when heated. If this should be the case, it is only a natural occurrence to experience an increase in CO2 due to higher temperature.

4. More Plant Growth.
Some of the frozen regions like the Arctic, Antarctic, and Siberia will have the chance to grow more plants and have milder climates. This will be because of the melting of the snow in these regions that will enable a huge amount of land to be planted and cultivated for agricultural use. Moreover, there will be expected rise of mountain height due to the climate that begins to warm up causing the ice to melt.

5. Requires Lesser Energy to Heat Up Cold Locations.
Understandably, there is always a need to heat up locations that are under the cold spell. So, it will require a lot of energy in order to keep these places warm. However, as the world becomes warmer, it will certainly lessen if not eliminate the need for such heating systems, which will in turn save a lot of energy.

6. Boost in Agricultural Production.
In some local areas, it can cause some longer growing seasons. This will result to the increase in the production of crops throughout certain locations. Longer growing seasons mean that farmers will enjoy more time to cultivate and grow critical types of crops with seasonal growths.

List of Cons of Global Warming

Proponents of the global warming issue believe that the polar ice caps will melt which brings about destruction of all living things. Here are some of the points they trust to have a great impact in this issue.

1. Burning of Fossil Fuels.
One of the greenhouse gases that absorb solar heat is carbon dioxide, which is produced when fossil fuels are burned. This is the main reason why atmospheric temperature tends to increase. Consequently, humans have been releasing CO2 in the environment more than ever, as a huge concentration of this type of gas was discovered in 2010.

2. Deforestation Effects.
The normal carbon dioxide removal system has been disabled by means of deforestation. Harvesting of trees or denuding the forest can ultimately cut the chance of filtering CO2 from the environment. Thus, it can cause adverse effects throughout the planet. Thus, it will cause some serious issues in terms of global warming.

3. Increase of Ocean Water Levels.
In 1961, it was found that oceans levels have increased by about eight inches. Through this occurrence, it is believed that such phenomenon was caused by the melting of the polar ice and the warmer temperatures. Consequently, it will lead to flooding around low-lying lands, causing displacements and diseases.

4. Warming Climates Lead to Food Shortage.
The increase of temperature in certain regions will cause consequential changes in agricultural production. The impact will include food shortages, water shortages, starvation, malnutrition, and increased death tolls. When the current agricultural land begins to experience shortage of water, it will cease to produce reliable food sources. In turn, it will affect people, animals, and vegetation around these areas.

5. Pollution and Disease Resulting from Very Hot Temperature.
If a certain area of land gets too much heat, it will gain many unwanted occurrences. Apparently, it will cause air pollution that could cause considerable cases of lung diseases and allergy. The earlier blooming of plants will also be a reason for certain allergies. This will also cause more acidity of rain that can affect drinking water sources in the region.

6. Severe Storms Due to Extreme Weather.
Due to this phenomenon, certain areas of the planet will experience severe storms. It will even increase its frequency which can affect different plant and animal populations. As a result, it will create more emigration from poorer to wealthier countries as people will seek better locations to settle. Likewise, it will lead to the loss of plant and animal habitats, which will to the disease and extinction of some species of plants and animals.

Final Thoughts

It might not be the intention of researchers or geologists to fabricate stories like global warming just to utilize the budget for some other purpose. A hundred billion dollars is huge, but they might not be faking it unless they want to use the money for creating, say perhaps, a time machine. The decision remains at your grasp. Try to contemplate which points are sensible based from the pros and cons mentioned in this article.

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