13 Pros and Cons of ADHD

People diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) might sometimes be misunderstood. Most of the time, other individuals treat them differently because they think that having this type of disorder is hard to deal with. In fact, it was reported that children with ADHD are often being bullied and less likely to have many close friends or able to interact with peers. Parents also confirmed that there are deficits in the ability of a child to get along with other children and to adjust to new situations.

Perhaps it would be better if people should take some time to understand their condition and begin to accept them as they are. Thus, here are a few pros and cons of ADHD that you might want to look into.

List of Pros of ADHD

1. Multi-Talented Individual
These individuals are able to do things pretty well. In fact, they can do many sports and many hobbies that are too many to consider. Some of them can do notable things so well that others can’t do altogether, including calligraphy, drawing, Wing Chun martial arts, skateboarding, softball, and writing, among many other talents.

2. Being a Fast Reader
Some of these people are able to read books at a very fast pace in which they can finish from 5 to 10 books simultaneously in just a matter of one week. Likewise, they can finish reading regular novels of 250-350 pages in only a few hours.

3. Having Lots of Thoughts and Ideas
Their ability of having lots of ideas or thoughts enables them to solve many problems for those who need it. This makes them excellent at assisting people to solve problems.

4. Being More Creative
The fact that they are able to create lots of solutions for certain problems also makes them creative at some point. For this reason, they can make some creative pieces and designs. Perhaps creativity is already in their genes.

5. Focused on One Thing Only
When it comes to doing and finishing a single task, it is their prerogative to pay attention at nothing but that particular task alone. As a result, they will have a high chance of completing a job at hand without having to worry about other things.

List of Cons of ADHD

1. Bothersome Talents
The problem with having too many talents is that they are not able to do one thing very well. Although they are capable of doing many things, they can just do it to a certain extent but not to a very talented level. So they can’t master a single talent despite the fact that they are good at things.

2. Non-Stop Thoughts
Having too many thoughts and ideas can sometimes make them a bad conversationalist. This is due to the fact that they can’t filter a single thought at a time. This means that when they are talking to someone, they have already been thinking of other things out of that current context.

3. A Bad Listener
Although they are good at helping other people, ADHD personalities can be poor listeners. Some of them have severe impairment in auditory focus making them unable to focus on lectures or to people hosting the said events. For instance, he or she can’t recall a conversation that happened a couple minutes ago as it is his or her weakness not to pay attention to someone that he or she comes in contact with. However, there are instances when one can be better at textual communication as it is possible to recall everything through text messaging or email.

4. Offering Too Much Information
Having the disability of using a filter to any type of information can affect how they make a conversation. For instance, they are not able to get to the point of their stories fast enough that they often drag the conversation in a long-winded manner. In fact, some of them get to reveal too much about themselves in terms of relationships or friendships that are often taken advantage by others.

5. Depression and Anxiety
In relation to ADHD, depression and anxiety can sometimes go hand in hand to disappoint. So whether they are alone or with lots of friends or acquaintances around, it is there to give them a very hard time. As a result, they get a lot of mood instability, self-doubt and anxious thoughts to begin with.

6. Easily Gets Bored
Restlessness or easily gets bored is already part of those having ADHD. This means that some of them can’t refrain from being restless. Most of the time, they can’t help it but become fidgety at something. At some point, they could have nervous energy in which they sadly can’t release them in a productive way. Speaking of getting bored, their ability to get busy with tons of various hobbies explains it all. So when they lose interest at something, they move on easily to the next.

7. Educational Disadvantages
If a person has ADHD, there is a tendency that he or she will lose interest in paying attention to class. For this reason, it will be a lot difficult to follow the directions of the teacher. Accordingly, this will definitely affect the grades. So if they are given a task in school, there will come a point when they just stay still and do nothing as they can’t concentrate on coursework. In addition, it will only make it miserable for schoolchildren as they will only make careless mistakes or lose or forget more important things.

8. Career Problems
The disability to remember things should affect the careers of people as they will overlook or forget important projects or details assigned to complete. This is due to the fact that their minds can wander or leave them distracted during meetings. In some instances, it will be impossible to organize things and may often leave superiors with negative impressions of their true capabilities. So it will be impractical for persons with ADHD to have careers requiring them to concentrate over a period of time.

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