12 Pros and Cons of Acupuncture

There are many forms of alternative medicine that have gained popularity to those who are accustomed to their application. One popular form is acupuncture which has been noted for relieving various types of pain. Likewise, it has been famous for reducing stress levels in the body, including other issues to wellness. Joint pains associated with arthritis are the most common cases in which acupuncture is effective for. However, some people believe that there are certain disadvantages that should be taken into consideration. Well, take a better look at the pros and cons of acupuncture to determine if this is indeed advantageous or otherwise.

List of Pros of Acupuncture

1. Provides Higher Energy Levels
The rejuvenating power of acupuncture may have caused the feeling of being energized after undergoing a session, according to many people. This may have actually come from the stress management or pain relief capabilities of acupuncture. Many people believe that eliminating worries that went out of their control can potentially reduce fatigue using regular treatments.

2. Very Few Side-Effects
Acupuncture sessions have been evaluated by most people to produce minimal side-effects. Despite the fact that this method will allow the use of needles to penetrate the pores of the skin, the skill of the treatment provider will make the experience as painless as possible. In fact, many have experienced this to be instantly relaxing if this is done the proper way.

3. Therapeutic Method for Certain Conditions
A lot of people experiencing various physical conditions including nausea, vomiting, stomach issues, and migraines have acquired relief through acupuncture procedure. Although some people have been hesitant to use this form of medication to relieve such issues, this practice is able to provide relief not found in other traditional medicines.

4. Acupuncture Practice Requires Years of Study
Those who want to become an acupuncturist will be required to study that will take around four years in order to acquire practical skills and knowledge. Likewise, it will require the person to pass a national exam to gain a license in the U.S. Thus, it will ensure that patients undergoing acupuncture will gain professional treatment.

5. Can Be Incorporated with Traditional Treatments
Acupuncture can be incorporated with treatment plans, unlike other methods such as herbal therapy, supplements, and other alternative medicines. For this reason, patients are able to take medication and following the medical advice of their physician while equally having acupuncture treatment. For many people, this method should be able to bring a huge amount of relief that a patient can get.

6. Insurance Policies Sometimes Cover Acupuncture
It can be surprising to note that acupuncture is covered by some insurance policies. This is indeed true because some of them offer several plans that cover this type of medical service. This can only cover a number of sessions though in a year in which it can cover up to a single session per month. Thus, it must be essential to take note of the insurance policies that cover acupuncture before you might want to get an appointment anytime soon.

List of Cons of Acupuncture

1. Causes Infections to Occur
Basically, it is essential to sanitize the needles to be utilized in the process because this is the basic requirement in this alternative treatment practice. Without doing so, infection can occur which will bring about pain and life-threatening circumstances. If possible, you can ask the acupuncturist to witness how the sanitation process should be done or you can also see if it comes from a sealed package prior to use.

2. Training and Experience Can Affect Treatment Quality
Those who aspire to become an acupuncturist should include real experience to their qualification. So if you will be under the care of a novice or someone who is still new to this profession, treatment can sometimes become painful. Therefore, prior to having an appointment to some acupuncturists that you have not met yet, try to communicate and determine their professional experience if possible to ensure that you are getting pain-free quality treatment.

3. Not Guaranteed of Success
Just like most medical processes, acupuncture can’t assure success in treatment. In fact, it may not be beneficial at all. According to a clinical research related to this practice, many patients have found out that there were no noticeable results when they completed their sessions. Thus, even if you may have been relaxed throughout the session, the issues of chronic pain might still be there when the procedure has concluded.

4. Symptoms Might Get Worse
There are cases in which acupuncture wasn’t able to relieve chronic pain issues such as nausea or other similar matters after the sessions were done. Although such health concerns tend to get relief over time, other people might not consider this as true. In fact, there were instances that people feel worse after paying a visit to an acupuncturist. So think it over before going to an acupuncturist to get relief of your condition.

5. Might Disrupt Daily Routines
The fact that visiting an acupuncturist can provide relief from pain, it can also offer a number of behavioral changes for the patient. Such changes will include sleeping patterns and appetite. Others report that they have problems considering the need to answer nature’s call. Although this are rendered as temporary, this can be a cause for concern when it reaches more than two to three weeks.

6. Takes a Lot of Time to Succeed
In order to get relief from chronic pain, acupuncture is said to provide immediate results after the session. However, most of the time it will take around two to three months before experiencing relief for those having chronic conditions. For this matter, it will require the patient to visit an acupuncturist at least one or two times a week in order to achieve the said results. However, the number of treatment sessions may vary depending on the specification of the provider. The only problem though is that people wind up spending a lot more money on something that ends up not doing them any good.

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