List of 10 Big Beauty Pageants Pros and Cons

Beauty pageants have been held for decades and are still popular in many countries all over the world. Girls, at an early age, are groomed to become future beauty queens by joining beauty competitions at schools or in their communities. It might seem simple, glamorous and fun but it is actually in the middle of contentious issues between proponents and opponents.

To shed light on this matter, here are 10 advantages and disadvantages expressed by people on beauty competitions:

List of Pros of Beauty Pageants

1. It promotes tourism.
Whether it is a nationwide or international competition, contests like these are held in a host city or community. Supporters of beauty pageants claim that these events are great venues to showcase the attractions of the place where the coronation is held.

Consequently, people who are watching from their homes will be interested in discovering what the place has to offer to them as visitors. Moreover, families and friends of contestants will be giving them support by being present. With the number of participants multiplied by the number of guests flying in from other cities and even countries, there will clearly have a boost in tourism.

2. It enriches international relations.Popular international competitions are participated in by different countries. Proponents see this as a good sign of healthy camaraderie among nations. Despite differences in culture and religion, people come together to witness a glamorous event.

3. It motivates the youth.
Sports teach athletes certain values like goal-setting and sportsmanship. Since not everyone can be athletic, others can choose other interests. Beauty pageants teach the same values to girls who want to become beauty queens. They encourage young women and girls to have an ambition to dream of something and be good at it. Joining beauty competitions prepares young individuals the importance of preparedness and hard work in order to win.

4. It builds discipline and self-confidence.
One of the benefits of joining beauty competitions is learning about self-worth. It encourages young women to look into their inner self and explore their skills and talents like public speaking, singing and dancing. Conquering stage fright is also one of the good aspects of beauty pageants. As these girls stand in front of a big audience and answer questions thrown by the judges, they learn to muster their courage and express themselves with conviction. This also prepares them to conquer other challenges they might face in life.

5. It becomes a channel to reach and help despondent communities around the world.
During the pageant phase, contestants are encouraged to do volunteer work and raise funds. They are also exposed to different communities, some of which are hit by calamities or economically challenged. With these, they become ambassadors of goodwill and are given the chance not only to help but also inspire other people. Many organizations that sponsor beauty pageants support charities and create projects for the environment. Contestants are taught volunteerism and empathy by simply being a part of the competition.

6. It teaches competitiveness.
Since these girls are still in a competition, they have to work hard and learn to be assertive. In order to make it to the cut, pageant hopefuls are driven to go an extra mile in order to win but in a positive way. On the other hand, it also teaches them that one will not always be a winner but there are still other competitions they can try. This can make them learn to accept certain defeats in life and at the same time practice about sportsmanship.

7. It opens opportunities to young people.
Apart from monetary rewards that come with winning, a plethora of opportunities also await the contestants. Several winners and contenders have built successful careers after joining beauty pageants. Some of these fields are in the entertainment, modeling and even politics. There are also scholarship grants given as prizes in some competitions. Supporters claim that competitions like these are not all about beauty but also about opening doors to opportunities for young women.

List of Cons of Beauty Pageants

1. It is an added expense for the contestants.
Critics of beauty pageants say that joining these competitions entails having to spend for modeling courses, clothes and other costs to prepare for pageants. Although there can be sponsors who are willing to support, contestants still have to shell out money from their own pockets, at times, spending funds that could have been used to other priorities.

2. It is all glamour.
People who have a negative view of beauty pageants contend that it is all about the physical aspects and outer beauty. They refute what proponents say that it is more of seeing the inner beauty of a person. For them, these girls are primarily chosen with reference to their physical beauty and body curvature which begin during screening. They also add that intelligence, if judged, is only measured at the pageant night itself.

3. It gives emotional and psychological toll to participants especially to children.
Opponents are also adamant in expressing their thoughts about the physical and emotional toll these young girls are subjected to in beauty competitions, adding that some of these young girls are often pushed by their own mothers to join. There are reports that girls, as young as eight years, are taught to wear make-up, skimpy swimwear and even undergo Botox treatments to achieve certain looks. Critics are concerned about the emotional and physical trauma these little girls go through at an early age. They lash out on the scrutiny young girls go through in the eyes of judges and the audience, which they say can have a negative effect on these girls, like being victims of bullying and even sexual abuse.


Beauty pageants will always be seen from two different perspective and contentions will always exist between supporters and critics. Although there is no doubt it offers many benefits and teaches values on young girls, beauty competitions can also have negative aspects on these young individuals and pushes them to be focused on superficial beauty. In the end, it is the responsibility of the family and the organizers to give moral support and be aware of the impact beauty pageants have on the future of these potential beauty queens.

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