8 Pros and Cons of Having a Beard

To have a beard or not to have a beard. That is the question. For some men, the thought of a naked face is scary while others might frighten themselves when they look in the mirror when even a slight amount of facial hair. While wearing a beard is always a personal decision, learning the pros and cons may very well help sway you in one direction or the other. Are you ready to learn?

List of the Pros of Having a Beard

1. Great conversations
As a bearded man, expect many great conversations to begin simply due to your awesome beard. It is a topic of sincere interest for many men who consider the beard a ‘lifestyle.’

2. Face Warmer
When the winter weather rolls in, your beard provides a layer of defense against your face and the cold wind. It is a blanket that some dream of having.

3. Bragging Rights
Bragging rights come your way with an awesome beard because there are many men who’d love to be in your place with capabilities of growing an awesome beard.

4. Express Your Personality
Beard styles are numerous, catering to the many personalities and attitudes of men around the world. With such an amazing number of styles and endless possibilities, a beard is an excellent means of expressing your personality.

5. Health Benefits
Tell your wife your beard has health benefits and look at the surprise on her face. It’s true however, as studies show that a beard blocks out 95% of UV rays!

List of the Cons of Having a Beard

Although far more advantages exist for men who choose to grow a beard, a few disadvantages do exist that you should be aware of before deciding to let it grow.

1. Look Older
If you have a baby face, the fact that a beard makes you look older may be one that you appreciate. For most men, however, this is a disappointment that comes with the choice of a beard.

2. Eliminate Shaving
Shaving is a tedious task when you’re repeating the process daily. With the decision to grow a beard, however, you’ll eliminate the need for shaving, saving time and headache in the process.

3. Maintenance
Your beard needs proper care to look its best. Grooming your beard is essential if you want it to look great. This takes time if you do it yourself, or great expense if you visit the barber for beard upkeep.

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