8 Pros and Cons of Car Rental

Many people find it convenient to rent a car particularly when on a business trip or during family vacations. It is also practical to rent a car when your own has been under repair for a specific period of time. However, there are also negative impressions regarding car rental. To resolve this conflict, here are some pros and cons of car rental that can help you decide which choice is more sensible.

List of Pros of Car Rental

1. Owning a Car is Not Necessary
This is a possibility when you are living in huge metropolitan areas in the middle of trains, subways, and other transportation around the community. In this case, owning a ride can be a bit needless. So, if you are looking to spend a vacation or events that should take you far away from the city, you can always have the freedom to rent a car.

2. Renting Huge Vehicles
Sometimes, renting a huge vehicle to accommodate family and friends to travel along the countryside can be very convenient and practical. In fact, some car rental agencies can provide transportation with huge capacity to comply with these requirements.

3. Excellent for Vacation
If you are going to use your own vehicle when going on a business or leisure trip, chances are that you are going to put more wear and tear on it. So, if you want to lower the repair and maintenance cost over time, you need to use this type of option when going on vacation.

4. Getting Better Mileage
In some car rental agencies, only newer models have been used for their rental services. By taking advantage of this offer, it will provide better mileage particularly on extended trips. This is indeed good news for those who own older vehicles.

5. Quality Service
It doesn’t matter where you travel with your rented car, even if you experience a break down. If this will happen to you during the rental period, your vehicle will be replaced at no extra cost. This is quite advantageous for long trips.

List of Cons of Car Rental

1. Strict Terms and Conditions
At some rental car agencies, it is their policy to provide stringent conditions. Perhaps this is intended so that renters should be careful in using the vehicles that they have rented. However, this should only be considered on a conditional basis. Some people may find this very inconvenient which can affect the reputation of that particular agency.

2. Limited Variety of Car Models
For most renters, renting a car should depend on the make or model of the said vehicle. Most car rental shops offer the same make and model which users admit that they often run out of variety. This is because most of them are very particular about this area.

3. Can Be a Target for Fraud
Many car rental agencies put their logos on the vehicles that they offer to customers. By doing this, they are giving fraudsters a chance to victimize their renters as such can be easily profiled and followed by fraudulent personalities.

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