7 Pros and Cons of Paleo Diet

If you are following the Paleo diet, then you can eat anything that a hunter-gatherer would have eaten in the ancient days. That means regionally-based vegetables, seeds, leafy greens, fruits, and certain animal proteins.

That also means no candy, no cereal, and no pasta.

Here are the pros and cons of following the Paleo diet.

List of the Pros of the Paleo Diet

1. It reduces the number of consumed preservatives.
Following the Paleo diet means eliminating many boxed and bagged foods. You’re eating more produce and organically-sourced meat products. That limits the number of preservatives and additives in your diet.

2. It can stop feelings of hunger.
Boredom snacking is a major contributor to obesity in some individuals. Following the Paleo diet reduces feelings of hunger, thanks to its higher levels of fat and protein, which can reduce personal caloric intake.

3. It may offer anti-inflammatory benefits.
Many of the produce items, nuts, and oils that are allowed on the Paleo diet have anti-inflammatory benefits. Limiting inflammation in the body can help to reduce the risks of future health problems, including cancer, for some individuals.

4. It can resolve iron deficiency issues.
More red meat is typically consumed when following the Paleo diet than on other diets. That means more iron is usually part of the nutritional profile for an individual, which can reduce or eliminate a deficiency concern.

List of the Cons of the Paleo Diet

1. It isn’t cheap.
Purchasing fresh foods will always be more expensive than purchasing pre-packaged foods. Some individuals following the Paleo diet may see their grocery bill double, if not triple, depending on their previous food habits.

2. Whole grains are limited.
One of the primary sources of energy people receive comes from whole grains. Since many of today’s grains do not qualify for the Paleo diet, many people find that their energy levels are lower when following it.

3. It is difficult for vegetarians to follow.
Although our ancestors may have been primarily vegetarians, they did do some hunting. People who are vegetarians struggle with the Paleo diet because legumes, one of the primary sources of protein for vegetarians, is excluded from the plan.

These Paleo diet pros and cons show us that this eating guideline is not right for everyone. Always follow a dietary plan that supports all of your health needs. Before starting any new diet, it is also important to discuss what you are thinking about with your doctor.

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