7 Pros and Cons of Laser Printers

Having a printer at home or the office is a necessity these days. It complements the usability of computers that most people use on a day-to-day basis. Laser printers are the most popular in many of these places. However, purchasing laser printers have benefits and downsides. This is because there are jobs that may be handled by laser printers perfectly well, while not by any other printer and vice versa.

This is an important consideration for those who want to buy laser printers. This is because they might have a different concept when it comes to shopping for printers. Here are pros and cons of laser printers.

List of Pros of Laser Printers

1. Faster Compared to Inkjet Printers
When it comes to efficiency, laser printers are the best options, particularly in the office. This is because laser printers can print very fast, in which some can print up to 20-40 pages of text per minute. This is perfect for those who need to print high volume of documents.

2. Sharp and Precise
There is nothing sharper and more precise when it comes to laser printers. For those who want to print text documents, it can perfectly print without any smears or runs. Even small details, graphics, and unique fonts, laser printers can print even the smallest detail perfectly.

3. Cheaper Overall Cost
Initially, laser printers can be expensive, but overall costs on ink replacement should be a lot cheaper alternative. This is due to the cartridge output of the laser printer, wherein one toner cartridge will be able to print many pages compared to one inkjet toner cartridge.

4. Durable Type of Printer
Laser printers are tested to be durable and reliable. This is because inkjet printers should wear out over time. Laser printers lasts longer as they are built for the long haul. Thus, these are good investments that can last for a longer period of time. Moreover, they require frequently refilling of cartridges, which have longer duty cycle.

List of Cons of Laser Printers

1. Higher Overall Price
Initial set up cost of laser printers are a bit high to consider for many customers. For those under a tight budget, it can’t be the printer of choice for most users. Likewise, even if the cartridges can last long, they are still quite expensive to consider.

2. No Variety of Paper Allowed
Laser printers require standard copy style paper only that is also required for standard printers. This gives the laser printer a disadvantage because inkjet printers can print on almost all types of textured or photo paper. Heat sensitive materials are also not advisable to use when printing on laser printers.

3. Not Suitable for Photos
If you are fond of printing images, take note that laser printers are not suitable in this category. This is not good for printing photographs and snapshots or any full color photographs of any type. This may be due to the print quality that it is only recommended for printing simple graphics with just a few color options.

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