7 Pros and Cons of Agile Methodology

You can find a lot of good agile project management systems in the market these days. However, choosing a suitable app that should meet your needs can be frustrating. For this reason, it is essential to define the needs of your business first.

If you in the IT or software industry, agile project management software can be used to deliver projects and products more efficiently and quickly. Not only can this be used in IT-related industries, but this can also be used for advertising, architecture, construction, product development, and many others.

Agile methodologies have three main types, including:

DSDM – this is the original agile development method, which is based on famous agile principles. This is widely utilized in the UK.

Scrum Agile Development Method – concerned with task management within the team-based development environment. As the most famous agile method, it is easy to implement and solve many common management issues.

Extreme Programming – this is the so-called radical agile methodology focusing on software engineering processes. This method deals with analyzing, developing, and testing phases.

In order to determine if agile methodology should be suitable for your organization, you can evaluate a few pros and cons of agile methodology.

List of Pros of Agile Methodology

1. Visualization of Progress
This feature of agile methodology will enable you to track where the team members are with their projects. There are lots of project management apps that should offer visual progress tools to make it easier to determine obstacles.

2. Tracking of Issues
This tool works hand-in-hand with project visualization which allows teams to identify project parts that require immediate attention or that have already completed. This is utilized commonly by software development groups and helps in the management of revision-related tasks.

3. Collaborative Tools
You can always select which collaborative tools will fit your organization well. So you need to choose in accordance with the nature of your project and the team. This eliminates email chains as well as makes it easier to find information you are looking form.

List of Cons of Agile Methodology

1. Increases Workload
In using agile methodology, it is important to consider that this will increase the workload. This is due to the fact that it allows you to collect and to process customer feedback.

2. Time-Consuming Process
Before you are going to experience success from agile methodology, you have to experiment so that you can find the one suitable for your needs and you should tailor it to fit your team.

3. Directing the Team Isn’t Possible
Most agile methodology teams organize their work independently, so hand holding shouldn’t be possible. For this reason, you need not be able to utilize a huge Gantt chart that should monitor the team on a step-by-step process.

4. Slows Down Productivity
Procedures and processes could slow down the productivity. However, this challenge can be overcome through proper cooperation and work in accordance with new processes that should meet the needs of everyone.

It is sometimes challenging to pick the right agile technology that should meet your needs. In response to this issue, you can use the pros and cons presented in this article to justify the selection of any agile methodology.

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