6 Pros and Cons of Mechanical Keyboards

There are two types of Keyboards, synthetic and mechanical keyboards. To make typing less of a hassle and a more enjoyable experience, many more people than ever in history, are ditching the multilayered synthetic keyboard for the mechanical keyboards. It has become popular with PC enthusiasts and gamers since the keyboard registers the keystroke with as little pressure as possible on the key. Here are the pros and cons of a mechanical keyboard to consider when purchasing one.

Pros of Mechanical Keyboards

1. Durability
The durability of keyboards depends on how many keystrokes it can withstand. Synthetic keyboards can only withstand up to 10 million keystrokes in its lifetime; the mechanical keyboard offers more durability with the ability to withstand up to 50 million keystrokes.

2. Tactile Sensations
One of the things to look out for is how they feel. A mechanical keyboard feels good under your fingers since the modern age keyboard engineers design them to offer the best tactile sensation possible. This might defer from one manufacturer to the other, but they have an adequate amount of giving, allowing for a more enjoyable feel.

3. Quicker
It takes more time to press down keys in a synthetic. Mechanical keyboards require less force, getting the job done in less the time. This is necessary when it comes to gaming where a split second can decide if you secure a victory or suffer a defeat.

4. Higher N-Key Rollover
N-Key rollover is the number of keys you can press down in a simultaneous fashion while registering a key. A synthetic keyboard has a rollover of between 3 and 6; a mechanical keyboard can do a rollover of 10. This is quite important for gamers who may require a high N-Key rollover.

Cons of Mechanical Keyboards

1. Price
Unless it is imperative that you use a mechanical keyboard, for activities like gaming, synthetic keyboards are cheaper. Tasks like the average typing work, mechanical keyboards are too expensive.

2. Noise
As you use the keyboard, the sound can be distracting, making synthetic keyboards a favorite for having less noisy action. You can add o-rings under the keys of the mechanical keyboards to make them quieter. However, there are different types of keys, and the noise levels vary from one manufacturer to the other.

It is best to shop for a mechanical keyboard by going to a local store to determine the right kind of mechanical keyboard. Have prior information of the model and specs from online sources.

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