6 Pros and Cons of Apple TV

As technology is constantly evolving, consumers are also constantly seeking for the latest gadgets and innovations, and one of these new inventions is the Apple TV. Take note that its name can be a bit misleading, as the Apple is not actually a television at all, but a digital media player and microconsole. To form a good opinion about this Apple device, it is best to know its pros and cons first.

List of Pros of Apple TV

1. It has an excellent design.
One big perk of this Apple device is its overall design. It is compact, sleek and comes with a case that looks stylish and goes fairly well with other devices. As it is not a huge device, it will not take up space and will blend with anything else without much notice. With it, you will be able to conveniently stream iTunes content.

2. It offers more use from content streaming.
The Apple TV provides more access to content on iTunes, where you can access and stream such content on other devices aside from your PC. In fact, it makes content accessible on HD television, which means that you are now able to watch TV shows and movies on your television, rather just on a small computer screen. Since all content are synced directly to the Apple TV, accessing media is a breeze, where with just the click of your remote, you can start watching content wherever you left it off.

3. It comes at a reasonable price.
Compared with other devices in its category, such as the Mac, the Apple TV is said to be much more affordable. But while it is cheaper, it is important to note that it is a bit limited in comparison with its counterpart. But if you simply want to look for a dependable means to stream iTunes content, it will more than suffice.

List of Cons of Apple TV

1. It comes with certain limitations.
You need to be aware that this software comes with some limitations. For one, it does not allow processor upgrade and features very limited support for video and audio. Also, all images can only be synced through the Apple TV and cannot be streamed with the software alone.

2. It lacks functionality in terms of playing and recording media.
This Apple device is not capable of playing CDs and DVDs, or recording certain programs. On the other hand, Mac can offer these functionalities.

3. Its cables are sold separately.
Keep in mind that all the compatible cables of the Apple TV do not come in its purchase, which means that you still have to buy all of these items separately. This is definitely a bit troublesome and can make setting it up more complex and time-consuming. Moreover, finding the appropriate cables when you go purchasing them is not always easy.

Determining whether or not the Apple TV is a good purchase simply boils down to your personal viewing and streaming preferences. As you can see, a few factors have to be considered before you purchase the software.

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