13 Chief Pros and Cons of Compulsory Military Service

Serving the military is what a lot of young men and women dream of. This can be due to patriotism, inspired by older peers or relatives or influenced by media. Nearly two million Americans have already been sent to war-torn countries, including Afghanistan and Iraq, to name a few. Whatever the reason for enlisting in the army, service to the country is one of the oldest and noblest forms of public service that not only save many innocent lives, but also create strong and capable citizens. Aside from carrying weapons to fight the enemy, soldiers carry out other activities to help make a difference in people’s lives, including joining humanitarian missions in places that have been devastated by tragedies, including Haiti, Pakistan and Guatemala. Moreover, the military offers people a way to help others, their countries and themselves in the long run, making it an appealing offer that many can’t resist.

Historically, compulsory military service used to be practiced in many countries. To this day, countries like Greece, Iran, South Korea, Egypt and Russia, among many others, make it mandatory for their men and women to leave high school and join the army for at least two years. The wars that they have been sent to fight for were far bloodier than present conflicts. If this existed in the United States, many teenagers would have been forced to join the military. But if this were true in America, will you be for it or against it? There are lots of pros and cons of mandatary military service. To help you decide whether you agree with it or not, take a look at its advantages and disadvantages.

List of Pros of Compulsory Military Service

1. It offers young adults a chance to learn a wide range of skills, morally, psychologically and physically, which parents may not be able to offer.
If teenagers enlist for the army, they will be taught valuable lessons that will be useful to them later on in real life.

2. It makes a nation much stronger, physically and mentally.
As a result, citizens will be better equipped to deal with more difficulties and problems in life.

3. It will prevent other countries from invading.
If other countries ever plan to attack a particular nation filled with volunteer military personnel, they will think twice before launching an attack. This is because they will be outnumbered by 300 million soldiers. Plus, there will be chaos if they try to invade a country like the United States.

4. It promotes respect among the men and women in the military.
Because soldiers are trained thoroughly to respect freedom and values, there will be a nation that has respect for the land and most of all freedom.

5. It creates a strong defensive force.
If every single citizen enlists in the military, it allows a country to be able to adequately defend its land and its people. There will also be enough trained soldiers to defend their nation and meet demands of a conflict. In other words, a nation that mandates compulsory military service will have sufficient protection at all times.

6. It eliminates social statuses.
Any citizen, whether rich or poor, is entitled to enlist in the military. As a result, social statues are eliminated, promoting equality among all people.

7. It promotes unity in the country.
If all citizens are forced to serve in the military, this will allow them to learn and train together. This will also be a chance for them to share the same experience of having served their country. People will also have more respect for each other because they will see what it’s like to be in the military, allowing them to better appreciate and understand the job of a soldier.

List of Cons of Compulsory Military Service

1. It compromises the quality of the military service.
This is because a lot of people who enlisted are inexperienced in the ways of the army. This can lead to them being below-average in the battlefield.

2. It violates free will.
This is one of the biggest arguments of most opponents. Something that is as laborious as being a military man should be done in one’s own free will. But if people are forced to enlist, this violates their right.

3. It disrupts other forms of education.
If joining the military service becomes mandatory, it disrupts the people’s learning development and pursuit of a higher education. Those who are recruited in the army should be 18 years old, which is the age when people’s learning ability is at its peak.

4. It endangers the lives of young individuals.
Forcing people to join the military can put the lives of the youth in grave danger. The young soldiers can get killed not only in a battlefield, but also during training.

5. It compromises the quality of the military service.
Draft armies are usually sent into battle without the necessary experience. This could potentially put new soldiers in the forefront in danger, providing poor combat skills. This could result in high mortality and casualty rate among military men who were drafted under a mandatory military service.

6. It is not for everyone.
If the military service becomes mandatory, those who were not cut out the job will have a hard time coping up with the training and other demands. Those who may be suffering from medical conditions, like anxiety, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, will be forced to be sent as draft. This will only make matters worse if those people come to volunteer even if they are not physically or mentally fit.

Compulsory military service has its merits and demerits. Aside from promoting a great sense of nationalism and patriotism among citizens, this will allow people to acquire new skill sets that can be useful later on in life. However, mandatory military service can also put the lives of young individuals in danger. Instead of being in school, they are out in battlefields defending the country. Of course, there is the possibility of death and permanent injury that death.

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