11 Main Pros and Cons of Internet

With the evolution of the internet and technology, many businesses and individuals have benefited from what it offers. However, despite the advantages the internet brought to mankind, there are also potential drawbacks opponents are wary about. Knowing its pros and cons can help in determining whether it is blessing or a curse.

List of Pros of Internet

1. It makes it possible to hold meetings without the participants having to be physically present.
With the power of the internet, important activities in a company such as meetings are more convenient now through teleconferencing. Today, employees who can be in several parts of the world or in their homes can join company meetings without having to commute to the office. With the use of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol, meeting participants can communicate with each other without having to travel. This can be a big saving for businesses as well as they can cut down on their travel expenses.

2. It saves time and gets work done faster.
Company owners can now transact business online and save time. Before, sending messages are done using snail mail. With internet connection, ordering to suppliers and communicating with clients and colleagues can be done through emails and fax. With faster communication, orders can be shipped within a short period of time and be available to customers. In return, this results to increase number of sales and profit.

3. Information is readily available.
With internet connection, people can now get hold of information on almost anything with the use of a computer or even a smart phone. There are search engines like Google and Bing which hold tons of information for a computer user can access. By just typing a keyword, results connected to it can be found in seconds. Even Human Resource can use the internet to learn about prospective employees. On the other hand, individuals looking for employment can also make use of the internet to apply online. In a nutshell, the internet helps in the dissemination of information which business and private individuals can benefit from.

4. It is an effective platform for advocacies and causes.
Aside from the internet being a channel to fame, where hundreds of people have already been discovered in the entertainment industry or experienced at least their 15 minutes of fame through viral videos, the internet is also used by non-profit organizations advocates to send messages to the world. There are a number of organizations who are fighting for a cause such as animal welfare, human rights and even a group of individuals who want to help the sick. By building websites and making use of the social media such as Facebook, Instagram and the like, millions of people are reached and touched. Proponents considered it a very powerful tool of the modern times.

5. It makes it possible for people to earn even from home.
Perhaps, one of the most agreeable advantages of the internet is related to employment. By just having internet connection, anybody can work from home with the plethora of online jobs available. Mothers who used to stay home to take care of the household can now be employed as virtual assistants or customer care representatives. More entrepreneurs can now open home-based businesses which can save them money because of reduced expenses like rent and gasoline, among others. With this, the problem of employment can be partly solved and women can be empowered.

6. It is an effective tool to building company image and branding.
The business sector is one of the groups that directly and conveniently benefits from the internet. It helps start-up business and existing ones to reach out to their clients and offer their products or services. With web presence, businesses can operate online, allowing customers to order and pay online. They can also let consumer know about their new products and services. With an interesting website that is user-friendly and responsive in design, it will be easier for them to establish authority in the industry they belong to.

7. It makes shopping and banking convenient for customers.
Nowadays, the buying public can now shop for almost anything they want from the convenience of their homes, 24/7. This technology advancement is preferred by some shoppers because they not only save time but also money. With online shopping, they don’t have to spend for gasoline and be caught in traffic. Also, payments and bank transactions can now be done online, a convenience gladly embraced by more and more consumers every day.

List of Cons of Internet

1. It makes private individuals easy targets of identity theft.
One of the downsides of the internet is also related to information. Opponents say that with having to share personal information, it will be easier for hackers to get information from internet users which they can eventually use to steal credit card information, etc. Another controversial issue is the use of WiFi hotspots wherein the software used can automatically get information of any individual who connects to the internet through free WiFi connections.

2. Too much dependency on the internet can hamper business operations.
Despite the convenience of smooth transactions from automation, using internet and technology to run the business can also have a negative effect on the business once the computer systems break down. Operations will be put on hold if the system is down especially if the business utilizes the internet to operate. Loss of internet connection can slow down business processes and affect productivity.

3. It entails expenses.
To benefit from this innovation, business owners and private individuals need to invest in computer systems, internet connection and web hosting. Moreover, businesses also need to upgrade one time or another and train personnel to automate their system. Individuals also need to apply for internet connection and pay extra for monthly fees. All these entails expenses.

4. It encourages pornography.
One of the setbacks of the internet is the proliferation of pornography and other cyber crimes. With just any individual capable to upload images and videos online, scrupulous individuals can use this to earn money and take advantage of innocent men, women and children to take part in explicit sexual activities online.


The benefits of the internet clearly outweigh its drawbacks but it does not necessarily mean it is good for the majority. The key here is to have a closer look not just on the number of advantages it offers but on the impact it has on people as a whole. It is indeed an effective tool but can also bring harm if used improperly. Users should learn to reap from its benefits and use its power for the good of mankind, so to speak.

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