10 Primary Pros and Cons of Joining the Navy

Being in the elite groups of Military Service such as the Air Force and the Navy is a once in a lifetime experience and is a way to show patriotism. Despite the prestige and nobility it offers, considerations should be made before deciding to be a part of this life-changing call of duty.

The United States Navy is an important branch of the military. On top of the deployment of military assets such as weaponry, supplies and military personnel, the Navy also functions as nuclear deterrence, sea control and power projection. With the significance of the Navy in rendering military service, there are still different views regarding this matter. Some supporters have nice words for this prestigious career while there are also those, some of whom have been part of the Navy, who advise against joining this branch of military service. Here are some of the views expressed by supporters and critics on the hot topic of joining the Navy.

List of Pros of Joining the Navy

1. It offers world class training to its sailors.
According to some of the Active and Reserve members of this military service, one of the benefits of being in the navy, is the kind of training given to its men and women. With the applications of cutting-edge technology and equipment as well as the kind of leadership training given, enlisted men and women and officers are prepared to maximize their potential of being important and influential leaders. Moreover, basic training is conducted indoors to make trainees adaptable to their future life in the Navy. Ample time, approximately nine weeks in the Navy Boot Camp, is given to ensure enlisted personnel and recruits are ready to take on their responsibilities.

2. It gives educational benefits.
Joining the Navy is a great preparation before college for those who will try right after graduating for high school. For those who already have degrees by the time they join, they have the chance to take continuing studies. For those who plan to get a degree while in service, the Navy offers educational benefits wherein it pays most, if not all, to make this dream happen.

3. Joining the Navy gives travel opportunities.
For young men and women who dream of traveling the world but find it impossible, being part of the Navy takes care of this aspect. With the hundreds of bases and missions they will be deployed to, seeing exotic places in all parts of the globe and learning about different cultures and nationalities is part and parcel of serving in the Navy. This is one of the perks this elite military service boasts of.

4. It has health care benefits.
The Navy offers comprehensive health care coverage as well as insurance benefits for men and women who will join and want to be a part of this military service. The Navy officer and members of his or her family can take advantage of medical and dental care at times of need. And for emergency cases, they can also get medical attention in local hospitals. These privileges are not available in all civilian jobs. When it comes to life insurance, full coverage amounting to $400,000 is available at prices they can afford.

5. Compensation packages are inviting.
When it comes to financial benefits, the Navy offers compensation commensurate to the officer’s rank and job performance. Aside from this, there is a retirement package for those who had served for a significant period of time. It also offers those who are already in the Navy to advance in their career by referring friends and other people to join.

List of Cons of Joining the Navy

1. Joining the Navy means being away from loved ones.
Some of those who have once served military service, including the Navy, claim that despite the perks this patriotic and noble service offers, there are also sacrifices that come with it. One of these is being away from family and friends most parts of the year. And for those who will be in the Navy, this means months of being at sea which can be depressing for some.

2. Trainings are rigorous and challenging.
Critics also talk about the difficulties recruits have to undergo during more than two months of trainings. This includes having to wake up early, get into physical training that might not be fitted for some. They also say that there are no special treatments while in the boot camp, whether you are male or female.

3. It is not a conventional job one can just quit.
With the benefits serving in the military promises, being in the Navy is not a bed of roses and the typical nine to five job. It requires a minimum of 10-12 hours a day of work, in addition to added hours one can be commanded to take. Moreover, quitting is not as easy as one should finish the training and service or else will be facing sanctions.

4. Military service as a whole is allowed to discriminate against women.
Generally, military service is does not allow women to be in the forefront. The Navy allows women to be part of the team but if one is sensitive about gender discrimination when it comes to serving the country, this is something to be thought of a hundred times.

5. The pay is low considering the responsibilities entailed.
Some of the men and women who have been in the Navy complain that the compensation they receive is not enough compared to the hours of work expected of them. They say that the flight deck pay is low considering the hazards in the work place. Although they do not deny the benefits the Navy offers, they think the pay given by the Navy is not that fair if time away from the family and the several 24-hour duties in a month will be the point of discussion. They contend that if they are satisfied with the compensation package, they need not have to look for other jobs once their contracts are up.

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