10 Chief Pros and Cons of Communism

Defined as a socioeconomic system that is characterized by the absence of social classes, state and money and structured upon common ownership of the means of production, communism is a political, social and economic movement and ideology that aim to establish a social order. When this form of government was conceived and developed, it was more of a school of thoughts that transformed into an ideology, which became a very important point of a movement that was more of a protest or revolution against the then ruling classes. Then eventually, it found its place as an alternative political system to traditional forms of government.

Originally, communism stands for a single social order where there is no distinction on the basis of anything. It basically allows the public to own everything—all assets and natural resources in a country. However, the movement, which was started to fight the bourgeois and favor the proletariat, has evolved over time and disintegrated into different forms. As you can see, there are now dictatorial communist governments, while there are democracies with communist parties thriving. Like other political systems, communism also has its own set of pros and cons. Let us take a look at them.

List of Pros of Communism

1. It can do away with all class systems.
In a communist government, no one is royalty, and everybody has equal access to health, education and food. The country’s resources are that of the state, which is governed by a group of individuals who represent the entire mass. As previously stated, the entire population owns everything that is there, excluding personal belongings. Basically, the concept of communism makes sure that everyone is peacefully living their lives, without fearing any ruling elites or upper class. Simply put, this form of government ensures the welfare of all people with favor and fear for none.

2. It can dramatically decrease unemployment rates.
When all members of society are able to contribute and work, there will naturally be a drop in the unemployment rate. This will also lead to a decrease in crime, as no person is coerced to commit an illegal offense to make sure his bills are paid and his family is fed. Instead, he will have the peace of mind that comes along the knowledge that there will always be plenty of work opportunities. For peasants, they will no longer fear a lessened economic status as long as they are willing to go to work every day and perform their duties. In a communist country, there is only a few social gaps to speak of.

3. It provides citizens with all their basic needs.
Communist nations make sure that even the poorest will always have food on their tables, get quality education and have access to basic healthcare. When it comes to employment, communism promises jobs for everybody, where they get access to equal opportunities. The hire-and-fire system that is common all over the world does not exist and is not allowed to exist in this political system.

4. It puts dictators in power.
Do not misunderstand, as what is meant here is that a communist country tends to have dictators whose will is imposed on the citizens and who often see themselves as benevolent dictators, putting people’s interests first. Though this is debatable, as many dictators live in luxurious accommodation and have far much more in their lives than most of the population, it is important to note that society owns everything and more money is invested in services that everyone uses. Therefore, health and educational systems are always accessible, which means ordinary people can receive medical care and study when they need it.

5. It paves the way for a strong and safe country.
Because everyone is equal and there is no social disharmony, standards of living are the same. Also. The government is firmly in control and laws and foreign policies are strict, so crime rates are just low. A communist government thinks of the country’s population when decisions are made, which allows no favor for any individual.

List of Cons of Communism

1. It does not shed much light on its rulers.
A communist form of government can be endorsed in any political scenario, and a dictatorship might be ideologically communist, even a democratically elected government. Take note that democratically elected governments could have certain kind of substantiation, since members of the public participate in the national elections. In a dictatorial scenario, communism does not explain the reason why the citizens would not choose their leader and the virtue the rulers have attained their places.

2. It is anti-ambition.
In a communist form of government, there is just little room for you to have ambitions. Since there is equality for everyone, one cannot expect to do something out of the ordinary. Personal growth or development is not what you should strive for under this political system.

3. It can fuel poverty.
The lack of industrial growth would actually end up creating an employment problem. There is little cultural, technological and social evolution, and financial improvements are also confined to a certain sector that is encouraged by the state.

4. It can be just as corrupt as capitalism.
History has proven that communist regimes and parties became a coterie of people, where only the influential group of political leaders benefited from the system, often ending up living in lavish homes and living life in a more luxurious way than the normal citizens. This is ironic as communism aims to ensure everyone will have similar lives, but then the leaders are ending up living like royalties.

5. It constrains the voice of the people.
In communism, there is no free media, and the rulers or the government are omnipresent and omnipotent. The state would intervene in almost everything, which stifles the freedom of the citizens.

Based on the pros and cons listed above, would it be okay for you that your country is run by a communist form of government, or not?

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