13 6.0 Powerstroke EGR Delete Pros and Cons

One of the ways that a vehicle obtains the power that it has is through the recirculation of the exhaust gas. The added air comes through the combustion chamber to create a more explosive result that can lead to better acceleration. If you are working with a 6.0 Powerstroke engine, then an EGR delete can change this process to allow for colder air to come through. That outcome is possible because you are eliminating the exhaust gas recirculation to create a more robust experience.

You can obtain an EGR delete kit for most diesel engines, including the 6.0L Power Stroke engine that comes equipped to older Ford® trucks. This name has been in use for all of the diesel engines that the Ford Motor Company has produced in their line of vehicles since 1994.

If you are looking for ways to obtain a better performance profile for your vehicle and it comes equipped with a 6.0 Power Stroke engine, then these are the pros and cons of running an EGR delete in your setup.

List of the Pros of a 6.0 Powerstroke EGR Delete

1. It is a product specific to the 6.0L Power Stroke for Ford.
When you work with most EGR delete kits for diesel engines, the design tends to be a general option that can work with almost any product. When you purchase a 6.0 Power Stroke EGR delete for your Ford, then you are buying something that will work specifically with the EGR valve on your engine. Even with improvements to diesel fuel and engine design in the past 10 years, the valve can develop a high level of soot content over its lifetime. When this circumstance occurs, then you do not receive enough air into the engine.

High soot content with an EGR valve also causes a risk of having some (or all) of that deposit going into the combustion chain as well. By installing an EGR delete for your 6.0L Power Stroke engine, you will be bypassing this valve. The impact is an immediate restoration of power and performance, often equal to what you experience after driving it home for the first time.

2. Ford vehicles get better gas mileage after EGR Delete installation.
When you install an EGR delete on your 6.0L Power Stroke engine, then you will restore the original fuel efficiency levels of your vehicle at the same time. Instead of sending the exhaust gas toward the engine, this option allows you to direct it away from it. That means you will experience cleaner operations while driving or idling, reducing the work that your particulate filter must do to maintain power.

Depending on how much soot is impacting your EGR valve right now, a Ford vehicle can receive up to a 20% boost in its fuel economy after installing an EGR delete. At the same time, you are promoting a healthier engine that can last even longer for you.

3. You will see a noticeable decrease in engine temperatures.
Once you have an EGR delete installed on your 6.0L Power Stroke engine, there will be a noticeable decrease in your operating temperature. There are two reasons why this benefit occurs. First, you are shifting the exhaust gases away from the combustion process, so cooler air is drawn toward the engine. You are also bypassing a valve that could be clogged, which means there is less friction in the air movement chain.

This process reduces the amount of work that your coolant must do to keep your engine at operational temperatures, so there is less stress on the overall system here as well. It offers another layer of longevity to consider with your engine.

4. It is something you can use even if you have mods on your Power Stroke engine.
Ford owners will sometimes modify the setup of their 6.0L Power Stroke engine to maximize its power benefits based on their driving habits or environments. With most engines, once you have mods in place, it becomes a challenge to add other elements under the hood to continue improving the performance of the vehicle. That is not the case with an EGR delete in this circumstance.

Some owners may see clogging issues elsewhere in the system, but most find that the 6.0L Power Stroke engine EGR delete will solve their performance issues since it bypasses the most serious soot issue that is present with this design. You gain the same fuel efficiency benefits with mods in place as well.

5. Most Ford owners can afford the cost of an EGR delete for their engine.
An EGR delete kit for a Ford 6.0 diesel will run about $329 before labor in most geographic areas. You can find this option online for a similar price. If you plan on doing the work yourself, then a standard set of tools is all that is required to get the job done, which should take a couple of hours or so. If you want someone to install this option on your Ford vehicle, then expect to add another 50% to the final price as a working estimate.

6. You can perform a makeshift EGR delete without using a kit.
Ford vehicles offer the option where you can turn off the EGR valve on your 6.0L Power Stroke engine through the tuning process. This advantage makes it possible to experience the benefits of the switch without even unplugging the unit – which makes the work a whole lot easier. You will also reduce the risk of an issue occurring after the change since the engine is doing the job for you.

Some people refer to this advantage as an EGR disable instead of a full delete. No matter what your preference happens to be, there is no denying the fact that it works.

List of the Cons of a 6.0 Powerstroke EGR Delete

1. An EGR delete on your 6.0L Power Stroke engine will increase the temperature of exhaust gas.
The typical 6.0L Power Stroke engine will recirculate the exhaust gases back through the system as a way to improve the overall efficiency of the vehicle. This process cools the exhaust gas so that it is usable in the combustion chain. Since you are now bypassing the EGR valve that helps to make this process happen, there is a noticeable increase in the exhaust gas temperature that can impact your performance.

It is not unusual for the exhaust gas to stay in the engine, which means you have two issues to consider with this disadvantage. Your oil could foul because the circulation process is less efficient, and there is also the possibility that the engine could run hotter instead of colder. That is the reason why some Ford owners opt for a replacement of the impacted valve instead of an EGR delete.

2. It may not be legal in your geographic location.
Federal law in the United States does not allow for the installation of an EGR delete on a 6.0L Power Stroke engine – or any other diesel engine, for that matter. Every vehicle must meet or exceed the current emissions standards that are set by the government. If your Ford truck receives an inspection and a kit is present, then the fines for your alteration could be several thousand dollars. The reason why it is illegal to operate this option is because you are no longer filtering the particulates from your system as it functions. Your vehicle pollutes more with it on, even though you receive more power and acceleration with it.

3. An EGR delete will not solve all performance issues with this engine type.
If your EGR valve is stuck in the open position because of the way soot collects in your system, then a delete kit will not solve your problem. When a system is held in this way, you may notice that the engine begins to struggle during the starting process. There may be a lack of engagement during idling time as well. If you only see performance issues at low city speeds or while stopped, then an EGR delete kit for a 6.0L Power Stroke engine will not improve your situation.

4. You will not pass any impromptu emissions tests.
Although this disadvantage is not as prevalent as it was in the past, your vehicle will not pass any on-the-spot emissions tests with an EGR delete equipped. If you have a planned inspection as part of your renewal, in theory, you could remove it for the investigation, and then reinstall it afterward. Many of these programs are coming to an end because of the emphasis on low-emission designs, so it may be a moot point.

The State of Washington is ending their entire emission check program on January 1, 2020, which means no vehicles (including diesels) will have the requirement to have testing done before their registration is renewed.

5. It can have a negative impact on your overall horsepower rating.
The EGR delete kit typically works better with older diesel engines, of which the 6.0L Power Stroke engine qualifies. Some designs can struggle with this option because it reduces the amount of air that is available for the combustion chain, which then adversely impacts the horsepower you receive with daily use. That is why it is sometimes necessary to speak with someone familiar with Ford vehicles before installing this option to ensure that this disadvantage doesn’t hamper your ability to drive in certain situations.

6. This option may not be necessary for your vehicle.
When you install an EGR delete kit for a 6.0L Power Stroke engine, then you are creating the same outcome as a completely blocked valve. If you are unsure of the cost for your specific Ford vehicle, then you have the choice to keep the valve, and then let it continue collecting soot like arteries like to collect plaque. Once enough of the bad stuff flows through, it will eventually create a blockage that can improve your performance.

Because you can still dislodge the soot, it is usually advisable to install the delete kit instead, and then clear out the blockage to improve the performance.

7. It may cause some Power Stroke engines to start knocking.
The EGR delete kit is notoriously bad for causing the check engine light to display on your HUD in the dashboard. It is not unusual for the engine to begin knocking once the mod is complete as well. This outcome happens because you are changing the temperature profile of your vehicle under the hood. If you are running an inferior oil at the same time, then the condition of your engine can begin to degrade rapidly. Some owners have even experienced a reduction in the overall lifespan of their engine because of this installation.

When you begin to consider the pros and cons of an EGR delete for a 6.0L Power Stroke engine, then it is important to keep the cost of the valve in mind too. It is approximately the same cost to replace the EGR valve as it is to install the delete kit. There are situations where this option is beneficial based on your driving habits and environment, but it may not be the all-in-one solution that is often promoted.

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