12 Pros and Cons of Using Corrugated Metal for a Fence

Corrugated metal is sheet metal that gets formed into different ridges and valleys. This process is done to give the product more strength than if it were a solid sheet with a flat surface. It is a design element that helps it to drain water away while keeping the weight down.

Corrugated metal is galvanized too, which means it has a coating of zinc or a mixture of it with other materials so that it can resist corrosion and weathering. Most fences are made with iron or steal, but there are copper and aluminum options in this industry to consider as well. When correctly installed, this product creates a barrier that often contains a lot of recycled content, a longer life than traditional wood designs, and a high degree of recyclability.

If you are thinking about the addition of a fence to add more privacy to your space, especially for a backyard, then these corrugated metal fence pros and cons are critical to review today.

List of the Pros of a Corrugated Metal Fence

1. Corrugated metal fencing is a sustainable choice.
When you purchase a corrugated metal fence, then you are adding a product with a long shelf-life to your property. It will not rot like a wood barrier does, nor will it receive insect damage that could require a premature replacement. There are fewer weather-related issues to worry about with this option as well, and many of the fencing products in this category are made of recycled materials. Since you can also recycle the panels again when you’re done using the structure, there is a significant amount of material that you can divert from a local landfill with this choice.

2. This fencing option has a long life span.
The thickness of your corrugated metal fence will help to determine the overall lifespan of your installation. If you choose an entry-level product, then you should receive about 25-30 years of use with your investment. Mid-range options in this category can last 30-40 years, while the thickest panels may last 50-75 years with proper maintenance and care.

Always invest in the thickest panels that you can afford because you’ll receive a better overall user experience. Premium corrugated metal fencing can withstand severe weather events, avoid rust, and still provide the enhanced privacy you need for your property.

3. It funnels water away from your property line.
The ridges that you will find in a corrugated metal fence help to push water away from the structure so that it doesn’t collect along the installation. This benefit makes it easier to prevent the frames that you use to protect yourself against the sharp metal edges of the product from prematurely decaying. If you prefer wood for this process, then make sure that you invest in pressure-treated lumber to ensure that you can maximize the lifespan of your investment. Nothing is worse than having the frame of your fence not live up to the quality of your metal sheets.

4. Corrugated metal fencing requires very little maintenance.
When you choose a corrugated metal fence for your privacy needs, then you don’t need to worry about the maintenance concerns that you would with a wooden or vinyl fence. You don’t need to apply a waterproofing agent each season, staining or painting, or any of the other common chores that you face with the traditional materials. The panels even work well on a sloped landscape, which means the preparation work for the fence is minimal too.

5. Most metal sheets are lightweight and easy to install.
Even though a corrugated metal fence is usually thin, it is still very strong because of the corrugations in each sheet. That means it is a lightweight fencing option that can work in a variety of situations. Each panel is about 8 feet by four feet, so some hardware stores sell the metal for as little as $10. That’s why it is a reasonable DIY solution if you want to upgrade the privacy of your property.

You’ll receive a higher level of mold and rust resistance with this material as well, especially if you choose a galvanized aluminum corrugated metal fence. It will perform well in all climate types, including excessive heat, cold, or moisture, so that you have an all-purpose barrier that meets the needs of your property.

6. You have a variety of usage options with corrugated metal fencing.
With a corrugated metal fence, you can surround your property with affordable panels to increase your privacy, prevent unwanted intrusions, and create a secure place for your pets and kids. These benefits can apply to other structures around your home as well. You can use this option to create an outdoor shower to offer personal space with minimal square footage. It can serve as a fencing barrier for a patio or porch, add texture to your garden, or create zones on your property for various use.

The only limits that you face with a corrugated metal fence involve your imagination. That is why it is one of the most useful investments that you can make for your property today.

List of the Cons of a Corrugated Metal Fence

1. The corrugated panels tend to have sharp edges on the them.
Because you are using a sheet metal product to create a fence, you will quickly discover that there are sharp edges to the product. You can get away from this disadvantage if you purchase ready-made panels to install. If you have ever opened a vegetable tin with a can opener and felt the sharpness of the lid, then you’ve got an idea of what this product can do on a larger scale. If you only install the corrugated sheets, then you are increasing the risk of an injury occurring on your property.

2. There can be limited availability of this product.
Most local hardware stores don’t sell a corrugated metal fence product. You might even struggle to find options available at the larger chain stores and lumber yards across the country. That means you will either need to purchase the materials to create your own frames when you want to build a fence, or you’ll need to order them online and pay for the extra shipping expenses.

Because there is limited availability of corrugated metal fencing, the prices tend to be higher for this option when compared to your other material choices. You’ll pay about $100 per panel for premade options. The corrugated sheets are about $20 each (plus framing expenses) if you choose to build your own.

3. You will have limited access to different colors, shapes, or types of corrugated metal.
If you want something more than your basic gun-metal gray corrugated metal fence, then you’ll need to work with a wholesale supplier or a professional contractor to get the product you want. That means you may need a business license in some jurisdictions if you want to take the DIY approach. This disadvantage almost always applies if your preference is to use copper or aluminum for your property barrier.

By the time you get all of your specialty preferences sorted, it is not unusual for the price of a corrugated metal fence to be significantly higher than one made from cedar panels.

4. A corrugated metal fence requires galvanized installation materials.
If you decide that a corrugated metal fence is the best solution for your property, then you’ll need to follow some specific construction details to ensure the quality of the product meets or exceeds your expectations. That means you or your contractor must use galvanized bolts, screws, and other metal connectors to prevent rust accumulation at the attachment points. Then frame the edges to keep sharp areas away from pets and children.

You might want to think about framing and anchoring will work with your corrugated metal fence so that you’re not forced to keep replacing the various components as they wear out on you.

5. Height can be an issue with some corrugated metal fences.
If you are using steel for your corrugated metal fence, then the height of your panels may not be to your overall liking. The power of this metal is undeniable, but it can also be heavy, expensive, and lack versatility for use on your property. You might want to consider this option if you want a security barrier more than one that gives you an oasis in your backyard. You may want to choose something lighter, even an alloy, if it is available, to avoid this potential disadvantage.

6. A corrugated metal fence can reflect sound.
One of the primary issues that people experience with a corrugated metal fence is that it can cause loud sounds to echo around your property. This issue creates an amplification effect that can be problematic if your kids are playing outside or your dogs love to bark. It might offer a stunning look for your garden or provide a modern fencing option that keeps your home safer, but there is also the possibility that it could generate some noise complaints. This disadvantage can also make it challenging to have a conversation if you’re in an enclosed area.

If you use a corrugated metal fence for a porch or patio, then you might consider adding some sound panels to the structure to reduce the reflection of soundwaves.

Verdict of the Pros and Cons of a Corrugated Metal Fence

If you want to make your property stand out from the rest of the neighborhood, then a corrugated metal fence is the perfect solution to consider. With panels that can stretch up to 8 feet in length with some options, you can create a tall barrier that offers more privacy while giving you all of the benefits of a fence at the same time.

Since you should frame most corrugated metals to reduce the risk of injury, many homeowners find that a contractor is necessary to complete the work. This issue negates some of the price advantages that are possible.

The pros and cons of a corrugated metal fence are essential to review if your property could use more security or some privacy upgrades. Consider each key point carefully, and then look for the best fencing options that are available in your community.

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